The Winner's Kiss: A Black Sheep review

Publication Date: March 29th, 2016
Publisher: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux
Series: The Winner's Curse #3
Format: Hardcover, 484 pages
Source: Library

Some kisses come at a price.

War has begun. Arin is in the thick of it with untrustworthy new allies and the empire as his enemy. Though he has convinced himself that he no longer loves Kestrel, Arin hasn’t forgotten her, or how she became exactly the kind of person he has always despised. She cared more for the empire than she did for the lives of innocent people—and certainly more than she did for him.

At least, that’s what he thinks.

In the frozen north, Kestrel is a prisoner in a brutal work camp. As she searches desperately for a way to escape, she wishes Arin could know what she sacrificed for him. She wishes she could make the empire pay for what they’ve done to her.

But no one gets what they want just by wishing.

As the war intensifies, both Kestrel and Arin discover that the world is changing. The East is pitted against the West, and they are caught in between. With so much to lose, can anybody really win?

Sarah over at The YA Book Traveler made a great post and button about being the "Black Sheep" in the book blogging community. Being a black sheep means that you did not like a book that has been popular with other readers, and that's ok! 

Remember when I tweeted that I love the library because it allows me to read books before spending my hard earned money on them, especially those that I might have DNFed or disliked? Yeah…..this was one of those.

I really don't know where this series went wrong, I don't. I loved the first two, because of the forbidden romance, strong characters, and great plot lines. The Winner's Kiss had none of those elements. Yes, Ketrel and Arin are two changed people because of what happened at the end of The Winner's Crime, but it was like they completely lost themselves along the way.

For example, Kestrel somehow gets AMNESIA, which is never fully explained. Um, what? That plot line came way out of left field. After she gets out of the prison camp, she has no memory of Arin or who she is. She spends the majority of the book trying to piece together who she was and it was just boring. All the while, Arin was acting like an angsty teenager the entire time. Everything was all about Kestrel while this huge was was taking place. I get it, he was concerned about the woman he loves, but when the people are looking to you to be a leader in a war that will determine everything for them, you be a freaking leader and stop worrying about your romance!

Roshar was the only really likable character in this final installment. I would have definitely enjoyed more of him and less of the angst-ridden Arin and Kestrel.

Plot wise, the book was boring as hell. Again, they are fighting this huge war but it takes a backseat to their romance. Arin messes things up because he is too busy being concerned about Kestrel, when he doesn't need to be. Also, the whole bit about his god speaking to him was also thrown out of left field. I don't remember that ever happening in the first two books but suddenly it's there.

The battles and preparation for them were SO FREAKING BORING. There's a right way and a wrong way to write battle scenes to make them exciting, but that did not happen here.

I was also unimpressed with how Kestrel's relationship with her father played out. The entire book was talking about how he betrayed her and how they would get revenge so I was expecting something huge to happen. Instead, we get some small crappy scenes with him and then poof, it's over. What a let down. In fact, the entire book was a damn let down. Everything came together for them and there was no tension or consequence. Even when they lost one battle, it was still not bad.

I'm just really disappointed in this final book and I really wish I had not read it. Do I regret reading the series? No, because I really enjoyed the first two books.

You win some, and you lose some.


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  1. Ha, I was the black sheep with the second book in this series! I couldn't stand that "New Moon" story line. It frustrated me to the point of no return. I liked this one, but a good portion I also found boring. The amnesia part was milked. It lasted for far too long. AT least the battles were good.
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