Into The Dim: ARC Review

Into The Dim by Janet B. Taylor

Publication Date: March 1st, 2016
Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers
Series: Into The Dim #1
Format: e-PUB
Source: Netgalley

When fragile, sixteen-year-old Hope Walton loses her mom to an earthquake overseas, her secluded world crumbles. Agreeing to spend the summer in Scotland, Hope discovers that her mother was more than a brilliant academic, but also a member of a secret society of time travelers. Trapped in the twelfth century in the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Hope has seventy-two hours to rescue her mother and get back to their own time. Along the way, her path collides with that of a mysterious boy who could be vital to her mission . . . or the key to Hope’s undoing. Addictive, romantic, and rich with historical detail,Into the Dim is an Outlander for teens.

Thank you to Netgalley and HMH Books For Young Readers for granting me access to this title in exchange for an honest review. 

This was me immediately when I finished this amazing book. 

First off, whoever is trying to bill this as an Outlander for teens needs to stop, like now. This is not Outlander for teens. Yes, it is about time travel and Scotland, but it is so much more. 

From the very first chapter I was hooked into Hope's world. Perhaps one of the best things about this book was Hope. In YA, especially YA Fantasy, main characters are quite often "Mary Sue's." Not Hope. Nope. Janet Taylor made our heroine so average and likeable. Hope does not fit in with her dad's family, she has no friends, and she has a lot of physical and psychological issues. I loved it all because way too many YA characters are perfect and it is so refreshing to read about a character who isn't. It makes her so much more relatable. Big props for the character of Phoebe. For some reason, females usually hate each other in YA. I don't understand why it happens so often, but Hope and Phoebe had a solid friendship from their first meeting.

That aside, I just loved this crazy time traveling world that Janet created. The details on how they are able to travel are a little hard to follow at some points, but I understood that overall point. 

Also, I think Janet Taylor is secretly a time traveler herself because the details she wrote about were so real and vivid that I actually felt like I was right alongside our heroes in 12th century England. The descriptions of the clothing, architecture, food, and people were just so wonderfully written. I could tell that a lot of research had gone into this book. Taylor's characterization of Eleanor of Aquitaine made me immediately want to research more about her. I think because of that many people who read this will also want to do their own research about historical events and people. Go Janet!

Another big plus for Into The Dim was the lack of a love triangle! I honestly thought there was going to be one once both males were introduced but thankfully, nothing happened. While I felt like there was a little insta-love going on when Hope met one of the guys, it was not what it seemed. That would later be explained towards the end of the book. 

Something I noticed and I think others will notice is the switch of dialogue when they are in the 12th century. One second they are using "thee" towards the 12th century people but then they wouldn't use it again. It wasn't enough to ruin anything for me, but you would think modern teenagers would want to use the dialogue of the century they were in to avoid suspicion!

I could honestly go on and on about this book, but you really need to read it yourselves to experience just how amazing it is. For detailed descriptions of history, strong female friendships, a swoon-worthy romance, heart stopping action, twists and turns, and a true race against time itself, pick up this book before it's too late! (You see what I did there?) 

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  1. I wasn't sold on this book, but after reading your review, I might have to give it a chance.

    I'm glad to see that Hope isn't a Mary Sue. It's tiring to read so many books with that trope, so I'll have to remember this when I do my book shopping for March. And the setting? OMG. I'm sold!

    1. I was really wary going into this one because I haven't read a lot of time travel books that I liked, but this one was good!

      It really is. She's so more realistic than so many main characters. It's nice. Omg yes, Scotland is one of my most wanted to travel places!

      I hope you love it!


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